We consider ourselves a boutique event consulting company, where we focus on a small number of weddings and social events per year, in order to devote our very best in time and energy on each occasion.   We enjoy seeing people come together because of one thing:  LOVE.  New love results in expressions of commitment among family and friends;  the love between two people creates a miracle of life;  even love and passion for a product or company gives way to great accomplishments.  In all of these cases, LOVE gives cause for, well, celebration!

It would be our honor and privilege to be at your service for all your amazing occasions of LOVE!

About Dorothy

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Hello!  I am Dorothy Cruz and I am the Chief Event Planner/Coordinator for Dorothy Rose Events.  This endeavor began in 2005 with my best friend's wedding (coincidentally, one of my favorite movies!).  I was her Maid of Honor and helping her seemed intuitive.  That year, friend after friend got married and I was their go-to gal for help.  One of them finally said, "You know, you're really good at this;  you should really make a business out of it."  And voila...  Dorothy Rose Events was born!  Since then, Dorothy Rose Events has grown through referrals and word of mouth.  It's fantastic to see previous clients at their friends' weddings, and I've even been introduced by some as "the family wedding planner."

Get to know me

  • Favorite foods:  Sushi, Breads (carbs, carbs, carbs!)
  • Favorite partner:  My husband, Henry
  • Moments I look forward to:  Tickle time with my kiddos, Lily and Baby Ethan
  • Favorite organizing tools:  Excel spreadsheets and Google Drive


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